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Lilly Milavickas at London Hair and Skin

Lilly Milavickas

Lilly Milavickas, LE , EMT, RN candidate is a Cosmetic Injector and a Licensed Esthetician with over 20 years of experience. Lilly is a native of New Orleans, LA and moved to Austin, TX in 2015. Lilly attended Tulane University, and gained her experience from renowned cosmetic physicians in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Her passion for Cosmetic Chemistry makes her a great resource for skincare ingredients and the efficacy of skincare products.

Lilly is an Injection specialist, Thread Lift Specialist, Microblading Expert, and Certified Laser Technician that loves sharing her passion and skill as an instructor for professionals in other practices.  She has years of extensive experience with various types of laser and skin conditions in this rapidly developing field.

She understands the power of scientific skin care and enjoys the satisfaction of helping patients transform their skin from troubled to beautiful. Known for her knowledge, attentiveness, gentle touch, clinical expertise and her artistic eye, she delivers highly personalized and customized care for each of our patients. Lilly also loves to travel with her family, meditate and cook in her free time.She is currently enrolled in Paramedic School, and her goal is to be Nurse Practitioner specializing in Dermatology.

She has been described as a “skin care expert extraordinaire” by “Health Beauty Life Magazine,” one of the top beauty blogs online, and developed an anti-aging routine exclusively for them.

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